Michel Vaissaire has been advising business leaders since 2012. His uniqueness lies in sharing his experience both as a leader and as a “leader of leaders”.

He has 30 years of experience of operational transformation to share (international development, turnaround, change of shareholders, strong growth etc. ), from CEO to CEO, with one key driver: “growing the leader”, based on his methodology “Lead by Essentials®”.

Michel Vaissaire was CEO of DIAM (from 2007 to 2019), a struggling French company taken over in 2007, which became the world leader in its sector in 2019 with almost 3,000 employees, a presence in 25 countries worldwide and an organic growth of around 15% (CAGR 2010/2019).

As founder (2012) and chief executive of MVCMI-Michel Vaissaire Conseil-Manager-Investisseur, former Chairman of the DIAM Group, a member of CroissancePlus (Vice-Chair from 2016 to 2019), I support business leaders in their strategy for development or transformation. It is always the rationale of helping a generation of leaders grow which motivates my actions.


“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.” Seneca


Your needs

As a business leader, do you want to reflect on your transformation and actions, and benefit from an experienced, external pair of eyes? Are you looking for support in a key phase of this transformation: reorientation and strategic implementation, financing and mobilisation of new resources, a change of shareholders, unlocking all the potential and energy of your teams?

Our unique and pragmatic approach provides the tools to build on short-term action and reinforce in-depth transformation over the long term.

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Our approach

Seneca teaches us that all winds are favourable to those who know where they are going!
It is with this conviction, forged through 30 years of experience, that MVCMI acts to support leaders in the challenges they face. In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, Lead by Essentials® is a pragmatic approach, centred on human beings (high standards and kindness / helping staff grow, etc.), which is based on a regular exchange with the leader and accompaniment in his reflection and questioning.

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Lead by Essentials

We support leaders via a 6-step method. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following question, contact us, we probably may help :
- Your see a potential in your business and you want to accelerate its transformation?
- You would like to speed up the transformation of your company within 12 to 18 months?
- You need to shift your business, and you are looking for inputs to ensure this move?
- More than 25% of your direct report are not autonomous and/or you spend more than 15% of your time in coordinating your teams?

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In this book, presented in the form of 12 thematic interviews, Michel Vaissaire presents his approach “Lead by Essentials®” based on the abilities of the leader to reinvent himself, to focus on his essentials on the one hand, and to develop the pleasure, the competence and the autonomy of employees on the other hand: "To grow, says Michel Vaissaire, is to create confidence for a benevolent requirement. The requirement, in the areas of competence and satisfaction of the employee helps to grow. The benevolence, the creation of confidence liberates and makes it possible to innovate."

Leading by Essentials®” is the result of 30 years of experience in the growth and transformation of companies, both in France and abroad. Michel Vaissaire reveals, through the main stages of an original journey, marked by success and failure, the richness of his experiences and the multiple dimensions of his management. This didactic book will thus bring to any leader or manager concerned with commitment and in search of success, new avenues of reflection to prepare the business of tomorrow.

Written in French, the book is available on the publisher's website and in all physical or online bookstores.

Short video of the 1st October 2020 conference presenting the training course "Lead by Essentials®".

Recording of the web conference held on November 4, 2020 presenting the training course "Lead by Essentials®".

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