Who is it for? Chief executives, members of  executive committees, senior executives, etc.

Our approach is based on 4 key points:

  • Michel Vaissaire is personally involved with each assignment; he is the main point of contact for the executive.
  • There is a “CEO to CEO” relationship when it comes to communication (support and questionning through the method “Lead by Essentials®”...), in order to help the executive move forward.
  • This means challenging the executive, reflecting on: Resources - Strategy - Tactics.
  • The action plan is specific and bespoke:
    • Individual advice and personalised follow-up
    • Training
    • Conference on awareness & engagement

A few examples

Advice and personalised follow-up

Process: after an initial information phase and establishing a common basis for analysing the situation, the service is provided in the form of regular face-to-face meetings with the executive.

It is this regularity, over a period of 12 to 18 months, which enables “short-term and in-depth transformation”.


Who is it for? We organise training courses (next sessions in 2021 and 2022) for CEOs on our “Lead by Essentials® ” programme. Then, to enable the team to grow within the transformation, we organise training courses with our executive clients aimed at their experienced managers and, more broadly, direct reports and their direct reports.

Objectives: To increase the understanding of the role of business leaders and managers in transforming the business. We can also provide individual support through their upscaling.

Content: These programs are always tailor-made and calibrated according to the operational objectives of the CEO.


Who are they for? Chief executives, members of executive committees, senior executives, etc.

What topics are covered? Our conferences focus on transformation, and in particular the understanding of the role of the business leader in the directions he sets and his ability to involve his teams.

How? At a plenary conference, in the form of an on-site intervention or a breakfast or dinner meeting, in small groups or general meetings.

References: see the Publications & Media section on this website.

Our commitments

We guarantee total confidentiality of information exchanges, high-quality traceability of the assignment and compliance with a professional code of ethics. These commitments are formalised in writing when the contract is signed.