Heightening the executive team’s awareness of the transformation:

  • Conference held during one afternoon to inspire members of the executive committee of a family-owned group on its potential for international development, moving from prudence to ambition.
  • Conference held during one afternoon for a group of entrepreneurs in the luxury sector on the attitude and tools required for transformation with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Intervention in a distribution company to get back on track with ideas of independence and autonomy and define the concept of “self-starter” to boost the capacity of the team and act confidently with the manager of the company.

Personal and confidential support for the business leader:

  •   After a diagnostic phase, monthly review over 18 months with the chief executive to answer any questions on operational topics.
  •   Regular review with the chief executive to help him take a step back in a recovery phase for his company in Europe – Monthly reviews over 14 months.
  •   Monthly review with a young executive (start-up in a very strong growth phase) to identify the organisational transformation required as part of his development.
  •   Advice for an executive and his CFO in the run-up phase to an LBO, how to approach and work on a shareholder transition from the executive’s point of view.
  •   Regular meeting with an executive to challenge and question him with the aim of increasing performance.
  •   Advice for a chief executive and his CFO in structuring his relationship and communication with an investment fund.
  •   Off-site day – a full retreat to exchange ideas on fundamental topics, and refocus the manager’s energy on the transformation.